• knexion is:

    life enhancement through group support, accountability & culture

  • knexion is:

    helping members achieve personal and professional goals through one-to-one coaching utilizing modern communication tools: text, chat, email &

    social platforms

    it's like life coaching but better. power through connection

    You ask we respond

    We reach out to you every day with a text message of inspiration and a bold commitment.... You text back with a short report of the previous day and your vision of the goals that you are going to achieve.


    What you need to hear, right when you need to hear it. A one minute message that will change your outlook and give you the power to succeed in every endeavor

    Group Video Coaching

    Not only motivational, these group sessions hold our members accountable to make small improvements based on personal goals. Are you ready for empowering experiences that lead to real change?

  • knexion isn't a trend or a fad

    It's a Paradigm shift in Life improvement




    Goal commitment invitations


    Goals completed

  • About Our Company

    We believe in the power of accountability

    What holds most of us back

    We believe that in many cases, poor mental and physical health is a direct result of the difficulty most of us have in rising above personal passions, desires, procrastination, fear and feelings of incompetency.

    What needs to be done to change

    We also believe that with education, structured encouragement, daily accountability, group motivation and inclusion in a culture of belief and love, ANYONE can learn to keep self-promises and goals for a healthier state of mind and physical well-being. 

  • Executive Profile

    The man behind knexion

    Dan Bastian


    I enjoy seeing those around me succeed and I find great satisfaction coaching them to their full potential. I love being engaged in work that inspires me. I enjoy helping others. I love working for a good cause. I am a fun loving and hard working person. Personal development is very important to me. I bring great energy to everything I do and with everyone I interact with.


    I invite you to join me on this journey.

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